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About us

Can you believe all of these products were destined for landfill?

Lucky for you, we have found a way to give this product a second life.

Upcycle has collaborated with a few different companies that have agreed to give us their excess, miss-branded, redundant, expired or “broken” stock, either with the agreement that we take off any branding so the company doesn’t get recognized, Or it is sold to us at a minimal price.

We sell these items with a very small markup, and sometimes we only charge enough to cover the labor costs for when it has to be de-branded.

The money we make goes back into Upcycle to fund the training that we do in  communities and teach the unemployed how to make a living from turning things most people look at as waste, into a beautiful product that they can sell to feed their families.

We help establish these new upcyclers into entrepreneurs, sell their beautiful hand made with LOVE products in our shop to help spread the reach and raise awareness about the environmental impact that we have on the earth.We are working with corporates and communities to change the mindset of  just using something once and then throwing it away. The sale of every one of our products makes a difference to someone’s life.

Please support this wonderful cause by ordering online or visiting our shop…

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